Hauoli LLC

  • 1/9/2017: Selected as one of the 10 finalists in women-led VR/AR ventures

  • 1/6/2017: Won First Prize at UCAHP

  • 12/8/2016: Demoed at DivInc Pre-accelerator Demo Day http://austininno.streetwise.co/2016/12/09/divinc-shows-diversity-in-austin-tech-at-demo-day-at-google-fiber/

  • 10/2016: UT Startup Studio http://www.siliconhillsnews.com/2016/10/16/professors-pitch-a-new-mouse-exercise-device-and-better-catalysts-at-ut-austin/

  • 9/2016: Started participating DivInc Pre-accelerator Program

  • 6/2016: Awarded NSF SBIR Phase I Grant

  • 3/2016: Demoed at SXSW  

  • Various: Filed patents

What's new?

  • Gaming,

  • Virtual Reality

  • Augmented Reality

  • Smart appliances

  • Drones

  • Autonomous driving, and many more.



Revolutionize how people interact with the world


Hauoli  accurate motion tracking technology. It has several unique advantages over existing motion tracking: (i) not only can it track a mobile device but also track a hand without holding anything, (ii) achieves mm-level accuracy, (iii) no need for special hardware or external infrastructure and it works as a smartphone app, and (iv) works under obstruction and different lighting conditions. They also applied it to enable a users to play motion-based games and free drawing. We also enable an indoor follow-me drone which maintains a specified distance within 2-3 cm and 1-2 degree errors. The number of potential applications is endless, from switching a TV channel to controlling an air conditioner by waving your hand, from playing more fine-grained motion games like first person shooting to providing immersive experience in VR/AR, from controlling drones to translating speech disabled people's gestures to speech.

Hauoli has been awarded NSF SBIR Phase I Grant to commercialize the technology and letting users control VR/AR, drones, smart appliances (e.g., TVs, air conditioners) by simply moving their hands. The technology has a great potential to revolutionize how users interact with the world.


Demo video